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DYI Festival

Our lives have not been canceled - they have been redefined. This is how we're challenging the Greek community to help us prove this. Rover Soul's DYI Festival Series is a celebration of creative people. Local artisans, performers, and DYI engineers are an important part of a festival experience. 

A festival is a gathering of people to celebrate something. It can be more, or less organized, with DJs, concerts, plays, or films. Our DYI Festival Series powered by Rover Soul wants to play an important role adding structure to our social lives and reconnecting us with each other.  

Not willing to set limits in size (we welcome ideas from 5 to ∞ people (making sure that a health and safety plan is in place) we're inviting you to submit your idea and host your own festival with the best sound system in the world for free.

Dreams can still come true. We can help you experience music in a different way - perhaps on a slightly smaller scale - but as we see it, the festival life hasn't been canceled, it has just been redefined.    


We'll be responding to your ideas on a recurring basis. In the meantime, if you can't wait to try our unique portable Soundboks Sound Speakers check our special rental plans and confirm your next booking here.



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