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Karaoke Pack

από Regular price€75,00 Sale price την ημέρα

Karaoke Pack

από Regular price€75,00 Sale price την ημέρα
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Soundboks (Gen. 3)

# Days Price Price per Day Discount
1 €65.00 €65.00 n/a
2 €84.50 €42.25 -35%
3 €117.00 €39.00 -40%
4 €143.00 €35.75 -45%
5 €162.50 €32.50 -50%
6 €175.50 €29.25 -55%
7 €182.00 €26.00 -60%


Karaoke Box (Gen. 3)

# Days Price Price per Day Discount
1 €75.00 €75.00 n/a
2 €97.50 €48.75 -35%
3 €135.00 €45.00 -40%
4 €165.00 €41.00 -45%
5 €187.50 €37.50 -50%
6 €202.50 €33.75 -55%
7 €210.00 €30.00 -60%

Playing music with SOUNDBOKS will most likely make someone come by and kindly (or not) ask to dial it down. Even at the beach, the speaker could easily drown out any other music playing within its vicinity. But then again, we prefer to have something still sound great at 60-80% volume. For larger gigs, we recommend a pair, or simply one SOUNDBOKS for every 40 happy people dancing in your party.

Currently we ship only to the urban areas around Athens. Stay tuned as we plan to expand our coverage soon.

Join the Karaoke revolution

Just like a jukebox, KARAOKEBOKS is a stand-alone package that creates the ultimate karaoke experience in your home or corporate office. Easy-to-use, it comes with a cable free design for a liberating "a star is born" experience. Explore endless karaoke databases available on YouTube - just about anything you want to sing, pair your phone to our SOUNDBOKS, grab a partner and be the star you want to be. With a sound output of up to 126 dB you have enough volume to power the entire neighborhood with your songs.

The package includes

1 x SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) 
2 x microphones
1 x 40h battery power to keep your party going
1 x charging station for extra power
The speaker has a height of 66cm, length of 43cm, width of 32cm and weights 15.4kgs.

About Rover Soul and our Services

Rover noun ˈRaʊ.vərˈ:a person who spends their time travelling to the most beautiful parts ofthe world.

We break the barriers of sound offering loud, wirelessly pairable, and surprisingly portable speakers with insanely long lasting battery life at low cost.

Say hello to the best party speaker. It can be used in house parties (indoors and outdoors), open airs, camping trips and ski or sailing excursions, or even tailgates. Our equipment excels because of its power, portability and ability to link more speakers together.

Select your desired dates and quantity at and simply complete your order online. Once we receive your order we will contact you to schedule the delivery on your desired time-slot.

We'll meet again after your term has expired to collect your order. Please note that extending your rent to a longer period is subject to availability.

To collect your order, you need your national ID card, a driving license, or a passport (preferred).

Delivery & Collection

Have your order delivered at your doorstep without extra charge. Once you complete your order, we will reach out to you to book your timeslots.

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